Frame Our Lives in Prayer

Recently Karen and I had the privilege of attending the Eagle of the Cross Award ceremony. Bishop Bonnar told a wonderful story about a small frame shop in Rome where he attended the seminary. The seminarians would take their pictures from home, their diplomas, or certificates that they received to this frame shop to be framed. Bishop Bonnar told us that even the simplest of pictures was transformed into a beautiful display. The point of the bishop’s message was for us to contemplate on how we frame our lives. He encouraged us to “frame our lives in prayer.”

Prayer is the first principle to embracing a stewardship way of life. Through prayer, we confront our own spiritual needs and create a sacred space within ourselves where we can meet and have a conversation with God. Exercising good stewardship over our prayer life is the first step to our ultimate goal in our spirituality: to live with a deep joy in the Presence of God.

Dear Jesus, give us the wisdom to find creative ways to put the Eucharist in action; and give us the courage to bring your Easter message of hope to a world who desperately needs your love. Amen.

God bless,
Deacon John