God is not the spare tire in her life…He is the steering wheel that will guide her each and every day of her life.

Last week as I was enjoying a quiet evening at home when my phone rang and the name Mikayla Smith appeared on my caller ID. Mikayla is the young lady who was a member of our Celebrate Team, Catholic Heart Workcamp Team, an athlete and an exceptional student. Mikayla suffered a stroke and is facing many challenges like learning to walk and talk once again. The conversation we shared not only led me to tears but inspired me.

Mikayla’s medical condition seemed to be hopeless initially. There was one setback after another. In our conversation it was her faith, hope and love for God that inspired me. Mikayla believes that she is on the road to recovery only by the grace of God and all the prayers of so many people. Through all of her difficulties over the last several weeks her call to stewardship is at the forefront of her spiritual life.

Mikayla has every intention of still becoming a doctor. She wants to save the lives of people who are suffering. She is filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and wants to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to everyone she meets. Mikayla told me that God is not the spare tire in her life. She does not only rely on Him in troubled times but that God is the steering wheel that will guide her each and every day of her life.

Mikayla’s heart inspires me through the teachings and the words of Christ himself:
Fear not, be brave, for I am with you. My child, you are beloved. Loved into existence and created for goodness through me. Your inheritance is divine. You are robed with my divine will. You are fully alive in my divine heart. My plans for you are great. Through me, you are capable of great things. Be Brave!
Thank you, Mikayla, for your courage and the inspiration you are to all of us.

God bless,
Deacon John Bartos