Fathers Day

Monsignor Cyril Adamko was a dear friend of our family. He was a part of our family’s lives, always present when in need. He was the steady pitcher at our St. Elizabeth Parish picnic softball game every year. He was the pastor that officiated Karen’s  and my wedding. I will always be grateful to him because I believe his words led me to the Diaconate. One day during our conversation, I kept calling him Monsignor out of respect to him. To my surprise he requested that I please call him Father. In a light-hearted way I asked him, “Why should I call you Father?” He told me in his soft spoken and humble way that being called “Father” is the greatest honor a man can receive. He further explained that the reason for this is because we call God, “Our Father.”

What a beautiful insight to the honor of being called a father as we celebrate “Father’s Day”. We as fathers accept an enormous responsibility in the raising of our children – clothes, food, school, sports activities, and so much more. The list is endless. In a world filled with so many things to do we can not forget the greatest of all responsibilities …to make sure we do everything we can to equip our children to get to heaven.

May we continue to model our lives prompted by the example of Saint Joseph and lead our sons and daughters by our example of faith. May God bless all the fathers of our parish on this special day.

Deacon John