Faith, Fellowship, Community

      Our 61st annual parish festival will begin in just a few days. The tents are up and the preparation of the fabulous food is well under way. With God’s help, this year’s festival will be a great success once again. All of us look forward to the great food and entertainment each year. I hope to see all our parishioners at this year’s festival.

Each year the festival committee supplies shirts for the volunteers to wear during the festival. Over the years we have had some beautiful shirts to wear; like bright orange and florescent green. But I think this year’s shirt captures the true meaning of what our festival is all about, “Faith, Fellowship and Community.”

We celebrate our beautiful Catholic faith. This year marked the 150th anniversary of our parish. What a gift from God this church has been to so many families over the years!

We share a unique fellowship with each other. It’s so much more than the fellowships that we make in the secular world. Our Christian friendships are not built upon a common interest of a sport or a club, but built upon our shared love of Jesus Christ.

Our St. Patrick Parish has been a visible part of our Hubbard community for 150 years. Through our prayers, service and generosity we have been a visible sign of the love of Jesus Christ within our community.

All of us have a busy schedule with many commitments but I encourage everyone to plan to attend this year’s festival. The food, entertainment and rides will be a secondary benefit compared to the sharing of our faith, enjoying fellowship and the interaction we will experience with the people of our community. I will look forward to seeing you at this year’s festival!


Deacon John