Everything happens for a reason!

   For 24 years our family was previously members of Grace Lutheran Church in Hubbard.  All five of our children were baptized and celebrated their First Communion there.  Our oldest three children also celebrated their Confirmation there as well. The last couple of years were filled with uncertainty about our children’s faith formation. Although we were comfortable with our church friendships, we continued to attend, but not frequently.

     When Chelsea, our oldest daughter, found out that she was unable to be married in our church due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we all decided that this was the right time to pursue a new path of religion for our family.
Our soon to be son-in-law was already of the Catholic faith. He reached out to his church, but unfortunately their date was taken. It was suggested for him to contact St. Patrick’s in Hubbard.

        Father Mike and Deacon Bob were very accepting of Chelsey and Donnie being married at St. Patrick’s Church. We would be unable to take part in communion with them on their wedding day which, was and is something that is very important to us.  It was at this time I felt God was sending us a message that it was time for us to move forward in our Christian lives. With the help of our dear friends, Mike and April Cheney, we decided to move forward and join the Catholic faith and become members of St. Patrick’s Church.

        This was not an easy decision. We talked about it as a family and decided that it was the best thing for our family. Our two younger children are now attending religion classes and truly enjoy them. I love the fact that when I look at my two younger children during Mass that they are listening to the readings and asking questions after Mass about things they did not understand. I remember our second Sunday Mass at St. Patrick’s. My nine-year old looked at me when it was time for communion and said, “Mom, is it over already?”  I realized then that she truly enjoyed once again being in church.

         Deacon Bob was wonderful in working around our crazy schedules to make sure we completed our RCIA classes. Everyone we have met here at Saint Patrick’s  Church so far has truly made us feel welcome. It is said that everything happens for a reason and we truly believe this was one of God’s blessings!

Thank you to everyone here who has made us feel like we have always been a part of the St. Patrick’s family!

Thank you all for the warm welcome,
Neal, Michele, William, Hunter and Isabella Shaffer and
Donald & Chelsey Lucarell