Christ Asks Us to Pass on His Mercy Through the Giving Our Time, Talent, & Treasure To Others.

Dear Friends,
Just a short week ago, we were in the midst of remembering Christ’s great act of love—the complete giving of his very life to redeem each of us. During the Good Friday service, each person had the opportunity to venerate the cross—to show in a meaningful way their belief in the mercy Christ expressed on that cross.

As I watched one person after another solemnly walk up to the cross, I was deeply touched by the expression of faith each individually expressed. Some touched the cross, others kissed the cross, while still others made a profound bow or genuflected. From the eldest person on a walker to the youngest child guided by their mother’s hand to reach out for the cross, each was saying, “Jesus, thank you for being merciful to me, a sinner.” Each of the people in that line at St. Patrick Church was carrying on the faith Christians have shown down through the centuries.

 On Divine Mercy Sunday, we remember that complete giving of Jesus. In thanksgiving for his mercy, Christ only asks us to pass on mercy to others through the giving of our Time, Talent, and Treasure.


May Jesus, our Redeemer, deepen our desire to be merciful to others as He has been and will be to each of us.

Sister Bernadine Janci, SND