CELEBRATE is a weekend to bring everyone closer to God.

Hello my name is Rheanna Barr. I am a senior at Hubbard High School. I have been a member of  St. Patrick’s Church since I was baptized as a baby. I am also a part of the 2024 senior Celebrate team. Celebrate has taught me so much about stewardship and how important it is to give of your time, talent and treasure and has brought me a lot closer to God and sharing my faith with others. I am very excited for the weekend to be able to share the experiences I have had the chance to have with the Celebrate team and the juniors that will be attending. Celebrate is not only a weekend of fun, but also a weekend to bring everyone closer to God. I have worked very hard to help the rest of the senior team for the past few months to prepare for the weekend and make it the best we can. I hope the juniors coming to the weekend can have an open mind and get the most they can get out of it! I hope to be able to spread the word of God and inspire others to come back and be a part of the senior team, to grow their faith, and grow closer to God.

Rheanna Barr