Being an altar server allows me to get closer to God.


Hello, I am Brayden Murray and I am a senior at Hubbard High School. I am a member of St. Patrick’s Church and I have been an altar server at this church since I was in the 4th grade, as well as on the 2023 senior Celebrate Team. Being an altar server has been a big part of my life, as I serve a few times a month at the 8:30 Mass. I believe being an altar server has
allowed me to be the mature man I was bound to become. I follow the Stewardship of God as He allows me to have the chance to represent myself in a positive manner for the people around me. Being an altar server has taught me to give back to my church community and it allows me to get closer to God. This teaches me confidence in His word and has inspired me to achieve more community involvement.

God bless,
Brayden Murray