Being a catechist is truly the best gift.

We recently concluded our 2020-2021 Parish School of Religion classes. This has been a very challenging year for all of us with digital classes, keeping up with weekly assessments, taking temperatures and keeping safe distance, delivering craft activities to the children, keeping everyone informed and updated with PSR/Parish news, etc.  But through all these challenges, we have many blessings that were revealed. Some parents told of how this has been an opportunity for the whole family to learn the lessons together. Teachers spent more time communicating with parents and getting to know them better as well. We added five new volunteer catechists to our PSR Ministry this year.  We celebrated the Confirmation of 28 eighth graders and the First Communion of 22 second graders. We also had a successful Celebrate Weekend for 50 of our high school Juniors and Seniors.

I would like to thank our catechetical staff for staying strong in your mission and promise to our young people. You have truly been a model of discipleship and stewardship in sharing the gifts that you have been given to show your love for God and for one another. In today’s gospel we hear that we are called to share the Good News…and the Good News is that life is infinitely better when it is lived united to Jesus Christ!

Being a catechist is a great way to enrich your own personal spirituality as you bring God’s message into the hearts and minds of our younger generation.  It truly is the best gift because in our giving to the Lord, the blessings that we receive stay in our hearts forever. If you would like more information regarding our Parish School of Religion, please contact me.

God bless you.
Karen Bartos, C.R.E.

PSR staff: Teresa and Georganna Norris, Cheryl Silvidi, Therese Wells, Angela Giancola, Emma Garon, Becky Prelee, Elizabeth Ambrosia, Randi Volk, Lisa Zalovcik, Lisa Love, Teresa Feigert, Kim Jenkins, Lena Dunkerley, Leslie Kerr, Mike and Sandy Kerr, Lori and Adam Garon, Gary Gawdyda, Jim Bird, Jim and Trish Wirtz, Kate Vrankovich, John Rydarowicz, Kirk Wells, Deacon John Bartos

Celebrate staff: Teri Ray, Therese/Kirk/Rodney Wells, Deacon John & Karen Bartos, Donna Medvec, Julie Bencetic, Kacie Mosora, Rachel Norris, Alaina Colella, Ryan Love

Children’s Liturgy of the Word: Marcia Sauline, Jennifer Gasser, April Cheney, Jill Pogacnik, Danielle Behnke