Aunt Dorothy

Last week I had a wonderful conversation with my father’s sister, my Aunt Dorothy. I would like to share a great story that she shared with me.

Aunt Dorothy volunteered her time for I believe seven years at the Dorothy Day House in Youngstown. She enjoyed working with and serving the numerous guests that stopped by for food, clothing, or just friendship.

The sainthood cause for Dorothy Day, cofounder of the Catholic Worker Movement, believes it can have all the documentation prepared at some point next year to send to the Vatican congregation for Saints’ Causes. Dorothy founded the Catholic Worker in 1934.

My Aunt Dorothy was volunteering one day at the Dorothy Day House and a Protestant minister, and a few volunteers of their congregation joined him to help. The minister asked one of the volunteers if he could talk to Dorothy and she politely led him directly to my Aunt Dorothy. Upon meeting my Aunt Dorothy, he hugged her and thanked her for the great ministry she started, believing that she was Dorothy Day herself!  Of course, my Aunt Dorothy assured him that she was not Dorothy Day.

I believe that when we serve others with a joyful heart, by giving our time, talent, and treasure, we experience an amazing grace that brings us closer to Jesus. Most of us will never be canonized a saint, but each of us is called to live a saintly life humbling ourselves before God and the people we serve.

God bless,
Deacon John