Advent Stewardship

Advent is a busy season and will be over in a blink of an eye. Take a moment to pause and spend some time with the Lord. It is important to slow down and to “just be” in His Presence. His Presence in our lives is one of the greatest presents of the season.

Stewardship of Time: Spend time with God in the spirit of stewardship. Consider for the last remaining weeks of Advent to set some time aside with Him, either through prayer, daily Mass, or checking out the wonderful Advent reflections on our “FORMED” online parish resource. You can register by going to  and enter our parish zip code (44425) and your name and email. St. Patrick Parish purchased the FORMED subscription as a free gift to all our parishioners.

Stewardship of Talent: Have you had the opportunity to share your talents? Over the next two weeks, maybe there is a ministry or a program that would interest your participation. This would be the perfect time to act upon this calling. All are welcome to be part of any of the numerous parish ministries and organizations.

Stewardship of Treasure:  Have you considered increasing your weekly offering or providing extra generosity to someone in need? We have many opportunities to share our treasure with those that are in need. As we enter the final weeks of Advent, consider how our parish might be in need and how you might be able to make a special gift. (The excavating of the church’s permanent foundation, the retaining wall of the creek, and our bell tower).

As we begin the new liturgical year and look forward to the new calendar year, may we continue to be thankful to the Lord for all the blessings we have received and respond to these blessings with joyful hearts. May God continue to bless his beautiful St. Patrick Parish.

Deacon John