A Special Stewardship Story

This week I would like to share a beautiful story with you. The following is a text message a friend received from her cousin concerning her eight-year old son, Dominic.

Dominic had a hard time falling asleep last night. I figured he was excited about the snow and was planning on a snow day. Finally, he came into my room and said, “Mom, can you write me a note to take to school so I can get a name from the tree. There is a tree at school with the names of the kids who won’t get anything for Christmas if we don’t help them. It’s so sad that some kids don’t get any gifts. I don’t want anything we talked about for Christmas so another kid could have stuff.”

Of course, I told him “Yes!” and he was so excited and went right to sleep. He melts my heart. He is such a good-hearted little boy.

There are hundreds of books and articles written about Stewardship, but I believe little Dominic already figured it out.

God bless, Deacon John