October 8, 2023   Lesson 1: Called by the Holy Spirit
pgs. 2-5
Decision Point: Session 9:2 The First Christians and the Early Church (Link)
Questions for discussion:
1. When you think of church, what comes to mind?
2.If you could ask a group of early Christians one question, what would you ask?
3. Why is it difficult to practice agape love?

Share Candidate Lesson 1: The Church and You


October 15, 2023            Lesson 1: Called by the Holy Spirit
pgs.  6-8
Share Candidate Lesson 2: Getting to Know You


October 22, 2023         Lesson 2: Accepting God’s Call
pgs. 2-5
Decision Point: Session 6:2 What is the purpose? (Link)
Questions for discussion:          
1. Who are the most important people in your life?
2. What is the purpose of relationships?
3. What are you pretending to not know about your approach to relationships?


October 29, 2023          Lesson 2: Accepting God’s Call
pgs. 6-8


November 5, 2023         Lesson 3: Building a Friendship with God     
FORMED: (OSV) Fitness to Holiness: Strengthening Body & Soul
with Samantha Kelley  (15 Min) (Founder of FIERCE Athlete = Femininity, Identity, Embodiment, Receptivity, Catholicism, Encounter)

Parents and Sponsors will be invited to class.  (Room 205)

Rite of Enrollment will be celebrated at 11:00 AM Mass for all Candidates, Parents, and Sponsors


 November 12, 2023       Lesson 3: Building a Friendship with God
pgs. 5-8
Decision Point: Session 4:4 The Prayer Process (Link)
Questions for discussion:   
1. Has anyone ever taught you how to pray? Who? When?
2.  Which of the seven steps of the prayer process intrigued you the most? Why?
3. If you were going to set aside 10 minutes to pray at the same time every day, what time of day would be best for you?


November 19, 2023    Lesson 4: Recognizing the Holy Spirit in Your Life
pgs. 2-5
Decision Point: Session 8:2 Who is the Holy Spirit? (Link)
Questions for discussion:    
1. In your words, who is the Holy Spirit?
2. Describe a time in your life when you felt inspired by the Holy Spirit?
3. Would you like to learn how to experience joy even in the midst of great suffering like St. Paul? What do you think his secret was?



November 26, 2023    NO CLASS Thanksgiving Holiday – Attend Mass as a family
Feast Day of Our Lord, Jesus Christ-King of the Universe


December 3, 2023      Lesson 4: Recognizing the Holy Spirit in Your Life
Pg. 6-8


December 10, 2023     Lesson 5: Receiving the Gifts of the Holy Spirit                                          
pgs. 2-4
Decision Point: 8:3 Unopened Gifts (Link)
Questions for discussion:   
1. Have you ever given someone a gift and felt he or she was ungrateful? How did that make you feel?
2. Which of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit do you feel most in need of at this time of your life?
3. How would your life be better if you really opened yourself up to the gifts of the Holy Spirit?


 December 17, 2023      Lesson 5:  Receiving the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
pgs. 5-8
Share Candidate Lesson 5: Choosing a Confirmation Name (Handout)


December 24, 2023     NO CLASS – CHRISTMAS EVE
Attend Mass with family

December 25, 2023      CHRISTMAS DAY

December 31, 2023      NO CLASS NEW YEAR’S EVE
Attend Mass with Family

December 31, 2023            NO CLASS – NEW YEAR’S EVE
Feast Day of the Holy Family of Jesus
Attend Mass with family

 January 1, 2024                   HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024

January 7, 2024            Lesson on the feast day of Epiphany of the Lord

January 13, 2024         (Saturday) CONFIRMATION RETREAT 10 am-3:45 pm
Candidates, Family & Sponsors attend 4:00 pm Mass together


January 14, 2024            NO SUNDAY CLASS FOR 8TH GRADERS ONLY


January 21, 2024           The Eucharist: A Festival of Hope and Healing
(Students, Parents, Sponsors)  9:30-10:45 am in the school
Attend Mass Together


January 28, 2024        Lesson 6:  Experiencing God’s Love
pgs. 2-5
Decision Point: Session 9:5 Ten great reasons to be Catholic (link)
Questions for discussion:    
1. What do you think is the best reason to be Catholic?
2. What did you learn in this session that really made you stop and think?
3. How did the top 10 reasons to be Catholic change the way you view Catholicism?


February 4, 2024          Lesson 6: Experiencing God’s Love
pgs. 6-8             
Share Candidate Lesson 6: Experiencing God’s Love in the Church (Handout)
FORMED: Anima for Youth, BLAZE, Episode 3 (13 min.)


February 11, 2024          Lesson 7: Celebrating the Sacrament
pg. 2-5
Decision Point: 10:2 What is Confirmation (link)
Questions for discussion:   
1. Do you believe that God has good plans for you?
2. What can you do to find out the plans that God has for you?
3. How has your idea of Confirmation changed since your time together with your sponsor?


February 14, 2024        ASH WEDNESDAY (Come to Mass and receive ashes)


 February 18, 2024       Lesson 7: Celebrating the Sacrament
pgs. 6-8
Decision Point: 10:4 How will Confirmation change you? (link)
Questions for discussion:    
1. In what practical ways do you think Confirmation will change you?
2. Who has been your spiritual coaches or mentors in your life?
3. When did you last pray to the Holy Spirit asking for help to make a decision?


February 25, 2024      Lesson 8: Making a Difference as Disciples
pgs. 2-5
Decision Point: Session 12-2 The Holy Moment (link)
Questions for discussion:
1. Who is the holiest person you know? What makes that person holy?
2. Who is your favorite saint? Why?


March 3, 2024                NO CLASS-CELEBRATE WEEKEND


March 10, 2024      Lesson 8: Making a Difference as Disciples    
pgs. 6-8
Decision Point: Session 12-4 Your YES can change the world! (link)
Questions for discussion:
1. Are you ready to let God come and fill you up in all the ways you need and want to be filled?
2. What have you said yes to in the past that you know was not for you?
3. How available are you to God today?


March 17, 2024        Feast Day of St. Patrick-Lesson for LENT (Confessions)


March 24, 2024        Palm Sunday-Lesson for LENT


March 31, 2024      NO CLASS-EASTER SUNDAY Come to Mass as a Family


April 7, 2024             REHEARSAL (TBA)   Candidate and Sponsor
Divine Mercy Sunday


April 13, 2024 (Saturday)       Celebration of CONFIRMATION at St. Columba Cathedral at 11:00 AM
No reception, we will be taking a group picture and individual pictures with Bishop Bonnar may be taken. (If you are planning a dinner afterwards, please allow extra time for pictures until 1 PM)

April 14, 2024       No Class for 8th grade only

April 21, 2024       Class with High School

April 28, 2024       Class with High School