Q: I don’t like the color offered, can I get a different color?
A: Yes! You can work with Greenwood's Hubbard Chevrolet to find a color from Chevrolet which you desire.

Q: Can I choose more options on my truck?
A: Yes you can. The winner will work with Greenwood's Hubbard Chevrolet and pay the extra costs associated with any additional options chosen. The vehicle must exist in dealer inventory somewhere in the local area. You will not be able to special order any vehicle to be built special.

Q: Can I receive cash instead of the pickup truck?
A: No. You must take the vehicle offered. What you do with it after that is up to you.

Q: Can I purchase more than one ticket?
A: Yes! You may buy as many as you like at $50 each to increase your odds at winning.

Q: How many tickets are being sold?
A: Only 2,000 tickets will be available. When all 2,000 are sold, the truck will be given away.