First Reconciliation


TOGETHER IN JESUS (Pflaum Publishing)
BLESSED (Dynamic Catholic)

WEEK OF 10/1/2023:            Lesson 1            I Belong to a Loving Community
(Original sin, Baptism, Penance, Confession, Reconciliation)
Dynamic Catholic Blessed Video: My Journey with God  (S1:E4)


WEEK OF 10/8/2023:            Lesson 2            We Keep God’s Commandments                                                                               
(Story of Moses and 10 Commandments, Examination of Conscience)
Dynamic Catholic Blessed Video:  Making Decisions (S2:E2)


WEEK OF 10/15/2023:          Lesson 2             We Keep God’s Commandments (continued)


WEEK OF 10/22/2023:          Lesson 3             We Can Act Like Jesus
(parables, mercy, compassion)
Dynamic Catholic Blessed Video:  Jesus’ Ministry    (S3:E3)


WEEK OF 10/29/2023:             Lesson 4              Jesus Teaches Us to Forgive
(Prodigal, inherit, The Lord’s Prayer)
Dynamic Catholic Blessed Video:   
The Prodigal Son  (S5:E5)


WEEK OF 11/5/2023:        Lesson 5            Jesus Gives Us the Holy Spirit                                                                         
(Sacrament, Reconciliation)
Dynamic Catholic Blessed Video:     What is a Sacrament?  (S4:E3)


WEEK OF 11/12/2023:          Lesson 5             Jesus Give Us the Holy Spirit (continued)
Dynamic Catholic Blessed Video:  What is Reconciliation?   (S4:E4)


WEEK OF 11/19/2023:           Lesson 6           I Prepare for First Reconciliation
(absolve, contrition, penance)
Dynamic Catholic Blessed Video:  God Will Always Love You  (S4:E6)


Come to Mass as a Family


WEEK OF 12/3/2023:           Parent/Child Final Preparations to Celebrate First Reconciliation

Parents come to class to help their children make their sheep and prepare
for the Sacrament. Please bring in your completed Together in Jesus
Family Time Chart.

12/10/2023:           CELEBRATION OF FIRST RECONCILIATION at 1:00 PM
2nd graders only will not have Class this Sunday at 9:30 AM
(Arrive at 12:40 PM to rehearse song)


WEEK OF 12/17/2023             ADVENT LESSON


WEEK OF 12/24/2023             NO CLASS – CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY/Christmas Eve Mass


12/25/2023:                                   Christmas Day


WEEK OF 12/31/2023            NO CLASS – New Years Eve Mass


1/1/2024:                                        New Year’s Day


WEEK OF 1/7/2024                 PSR CLASSES RESUME