Deacon John’s Stewardship Blog

The Stewardship Way of Life For Students

The stewardship way of life is for everyone, even those who are young. The school year is well underway, and it is a great time to reflect on how a student is called to live out a life of stewardship.
• God has given you the gift of intellect and it should be used wisely. Be the best student you can be each and every day.
• The work you do in the class is your unique gift to God.
• Don’t waste the gift of time. Time is one of the greatest gifts that God gives to you.
• Be grateful for the chance to be in school. Many children around the world will never have this opportunity.
• Hold yourself accountable. Do not fall into the temptation of slacking off. Run hard to the finish line.
• Begin each school day with prayer. Allow God to walk with you through your day.
• Attend Mass weekly.
May the remainder of your school year be blessed and always keep God foremost in your life.
Love, Deacon John

Full of Thanks

I was going on a short trip a few days ago. The trip was only about an hour and a half drive. When I drive alone it gives me plenty of time to think. I began thinking about how as of lately, I have been doing a lot of complaining. I complain about the price of gas, the price of groceries, and a multitude of other things that seem so insignificant. I thought to myself how quickly I could lose sight of all my blessings. So, I began to say my blessings out loud. As I recited the multitude of blessings that I should be thankful for, I began to feel a little ashamed of myself for my short sightedness.

I think my experience serves as a reminder for all of us to never lose sight of all the reasons we should be thankful. We are all most thankful for the love, compassion and mercy Jesus gives to each of us. Jesus is always here for us.

I am so thankful that God has called me to serve the people of St. Patrick Parish. Just to let you know, this is also one of the blessings that I recited out loud in my short trip a few days ago.

Deacon John

Leave A Legacy

St. Patrick Parish has been present at most of the important milestones of our lives; our Baptism, our First Communion, and at times of great joy and celebration as well as times of great sadness.

The work of the many ministries of our parish are far-reaching. Life-giving, and lifesaving for over 150 years.

By leaving a planned gift in your will for your church, you will be leaving a legacy to help ensure that the mission and pastoral outreach that has been important to you will continue both for today’s needs and for those of our children, grandchildren and beyond.

Planned gifts are commonly determined in conjunction with estate planning, are gifted upon the death of a donor and are often given in the name of a donor or donor’s family. Thus, the term, “Legacy Giving”.

If you have any questions about leaving St. Patrick Parish a planned gift, please contact me and I will arrange to meet with you at your earliest convenience. We are truly a thankful parish family who expresses that gratitude through the giving of our time, talent, and treasure with joyful hearts.

“As each of us has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” ~1 Peter 4:10

God bless you,
Deacon John, Director of Stewardship

SHINE’S Fill the Cruiser Event

Many times, when we think of stewardship, we tend to look to the adult members of our parish for their example of stewardship. But this week, our example of stewardship comes from the younger children of our parish, the SHINE Ministry.

“Last Saturday, we had 19 children, and several parents and SHINE adult advisors participate in “Fill the Cruiser” event at Devine’s Shop-n-Save. The children enjoyed passing out fliers that had suggestions for food contributions as they were so excited to ask the customers to please help them in their efforts.  Not only did they fill the entire cruiser with dry and canned goods, but they also filled half of a second vehicle as well! The children also collected $463.25 in monetary donations for our Food Pantry.

We are so thankful for the joyful spirit and enthusiasm of our young children as well as the generous support of all the customers who helped to make this event a huge success. We thank Devine’s Shop-n-Save for the use of their parking lot, the Hubbard Police Department for the cruiser and support, and all who donated to the great community ministry of stewardship! As we Shine, so do you!”  ~Lisa Love