CELEBRATE is a weekend to bring everyone closer to God.

Hello my name is Rheanna Barr. I am a senior at Hubbard High School. I have been a member of  St. Patrick’s Church since I was baptized as a baby. I am also a part of the 2024 senior Celebrate team. Celebrate has taught me so much about stewardship and how important it is to give of your time, talent and treasure and has brought me a lot closer to God and sharing my faith with others. I am very excited for the weekend to be able to share the experiences I have had the chance to have with the Celebrate team and the juniors that will be attending. Celebrate is not only a weekend of fun, but also a weekend to bring everyone closer to God. I have worked very hard to help the rest of the senior team for the past few months to prepare for the weekend and make it the best we can. I hope the juniors coming to the weekend can have an open mind and get the most they can get out of it! I hope to be able to spread the word of God and inspire others to come back and be a part of the senior team, to grow their faith, and grow closer to God.

Rheanna Barr


St. Patrick Youth Scholarship

This year is the 19th anniversary of our St. Patrick Youth Scholarship. We have been blessed to award $95,500 to 72 outstanding graduates. These young men and women have gone on to so some wonderful things in their lives and have contributed to the Church, society, and their families in so many honorable ways. The longevity of this scholarship program is because of the amazing support of our parishioners and the businesses of our community who fund this scholarship every year.

If you have a calling to contribute to this scholarship, you can stop by the parish office or place an envelope in the collection earmarked for “St. Patrick Youth Scholarship.” I believe that one of the greatest reasons that we are such a vibrant parish is because of the love and support we extend to the young people of our parish. We truly do have a “future full of hope” for many years to come.

Deacon John Bartos  and Jennifer Gasser
Co-Directors of the St. Patrick Youth Scholarship



This Sunday we hear about how the Spirit drove Jesus into the desert and remained with him for forty days while he was faced with many temptations. There are temptations that we too face in our daily lives. When we give in to these temptations they can lead us to sin, hurt our relationships with family or friends, and separate us from the love that God has for us. But Jesus’ example in this reading tells us that we are not alone. Just as the angels came to minister to him, we too must listen and follow the spiritual guides in our lives to help us remain firm in our faith.

Lent is the perfect time to reflect on what is pulling us away from God and how we can return to him with all our heart, mind, soul. Our Lenten commitments of Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving can also help us in this effort. Prayer can help us to see our need for God’s forgiveness and receive his love and mercy. When we acknowledge his unconditional love, we become more dependent on God, and allow our faith to grow. Fasting from the things that give us pleasure can help us to better understand “sacrifice.” We fast to focus on Christ and allow him to have more room in our lives and a greater presence in our hearts. We practice almsgiving to focus on the needs of the less fortunate so that we can learn to grow in compassion and serving others in their suffering. These practices can help us in our daily battle against temptation and be better stewards of all God’s gifts.

To help us follow these practices, Kathy Lucci has placed a weekly plan on our parish website www.stpatshub.org home page called “Daily Pray-Fast-Give Opportunities at Hubbard St. Patrick Church.” May the Lord lead us and guide us as we enter these forty days of Lent.


Karen Bartos, C.R.E.


Lenten Prayer

God of mercy,

          You have given us this special time to reflect on our belief in the Good News and draw closer to you. May this season of Lent help us to use this “time” to fast and pray, be more generous and witness to others how to live for Christ. Let us  see each day of this season as a new opportunity to renew our lives and gain a  deeper appreciation of our faith.

          Give us the grace to see your face in others,  especially in the poor and those who suffer. Through your Spirit, enkindle in us the fire of your love so that we may be better stewards of your redeeming work throughout the world. We ask this in Jesus, your Son.  Amen.

Love, Deacon John