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Veteran/Military/First Responders Ministry

Attention all Saint Patrick’s Veterans, Military and First Responders

As the Parish continues to develop a Veteran/Military/First Responders ministry, we are in the process of developing a Core Team that will develop, refine and lead this wonderful ministry. Should you feel the call to commit to this outstanding opportunity of being a Core Team member, we are holding an informational/planning meeting on Thursday the 28th of September from 6PM until 7:30 PM in the conference room in the parish house. We look forward to seeing you!!!


Louie Alessio


I truly believe that this new ministry in our parish has been prompted by the Holy Spirit and we will be amazed with the good it will do. I pray that some of our good men and women who have served their country and community in the military or first responders will hear God’s call to serve in this much needed ministry.

God bless,

Deacon John


Spirituality of Stewardship

As I was reflecting upon this week’s stewardship column, I could not help thinking of how the spirituality of stewardship has paid such great dividends to our parish. We have had so many of our parishioners say “Yes” to the call of the Holy Spirit to serve Mother Church in so many ways, but this was only the beginning. Stewardship is not only something written about in a book or spoken about on a video. It is alive and it has returned to us blessings a hundredfold.

It is amazing how so many new ministries have begun over the last year in our parish and how Jesus has returned to us compound interest from our investment in a stewardship way of life. The Parish School of Religion has initiated three beautiful ministries: The SHINE Ministry, the Craft Club, and soon to come a support group for the military (active or retired) and all first responders. The Muscle Club has done beautiful work around our parish grounds with a spirit of joy! The festival was a huge success with many new faces helping because of the mentorship of the ones who worked there for years.

Thank you to all the great stewards who nurture the beautiful gift of the Church that Jesus has given to us. If you have a call to start any new ministry in our parish, please follow that call.

Deacon John


The Divine Coach

The school buses are back bringing our children to school and soon the leaves will display their beautiful fall colors. Soon our Parish School of Religion will start a new year. Our teachers are excited about meeting their students and to teach them about their Catholic faith. We are so blessed to have a dedicated staff who truly love their students. The coffee shop will be open every Sunday during the school year. All members of the parish are welcome to stop by and enjoy some great conversation and some delicious donuts.

My favorite Mass to diaconate is the 11 AM Mass during the PSR school year. I enjoy greeting the families that come together and attend Mass as school is dismissed. It is beautiful to see them walk through the doors of the church. It is so important that our children attend Mass. I’m sure that God smiles upon the parents and grandparents that make the effort to bring their children to Mass to “keep holy the Lord’s Day.” The world offers so many distractions like Sunday morning sports, practices, tournament games and a variety of other activities that in some way, draws families away from attending Mass.

I have come to realize that many things come and go in life. We live in a revolving door of change, but one thing that will be constant is God’s love for our children. He is their ultimate coach and their “Divine Coach” that will lead our children to a life of joy and fulfillment. I hope to see you at Mass and may God bless us with a great year.

Deacon John


The ministry of catechesis

On Sunday, September 17th, St. Patrick Parish and parishes across the world will be celebrating Catechetical Sunday. This day is so important in the life of the Church because we recognize the ministry of catechesis and those who are called to this ministry as a catechist. We will recognize our catechists at the 11:00 AM Mass as they will be introduced and receive a special blessing in the commissioning service during the Liturgy of the Word. A catechist has the responsibility to teach the Catholic faith and to share the Church’s teachings on prayer, sacraments, liturgy, and the life of Christ. Catechists are called to hand on to others what they themselves have received from the Lord.

Parents are called to be the first educators of the faith for their children. It is by their example and practice of the faith that helps the family to be rooted and grow into the faith community. Parishioners as well, also have a responsibility to be a living witnesses in promoting discipleship and building up the Body of Christ. This is the mission of the Church.

I am asking you to step out of the boat and trust Jesus to help the young children of our Parish School of Religion. We need two Kindergarten teachers to complete our 2023-2024 PSR staff this year. Classes are held on Sundays, 9:30-10:45 AM in the school. All resources, assistance, and support will be provided. Please contact Karen Bartos for more information.
Blessings, Karen Bartos, CRE