Altar Servers

October Altar Server Schedule

September 29th-30th

Saturday 4:00pm-Bob Easton, Madisyn Fisher, Nick Villano, Luke Wack

Sunday 8:30am Jim Fink, Nick Fink, Hank Cigolle, Katie Cigolle

Sunday 11:00am David Dull II,David Dull III, Mike, Aj Cheney, Landon Kettering

October 6th-7th 

Saturday 4:00PM- Bob Easton, Anna Pogacnik, Adam Pogacnik,Kirk Wells,

Sunday 8:30AM-  Dave Marshall, Dominic Colella, Jonathan Feigert

Sunday 11:00AM- Aj, Tim, Sam, and Nate Writz

October 13th-14th

Saturday 4:00pm-Bob Easton, Nick Villano, Madisyn Fisher, Paul Ambrosia

Sunday 8:30am- Ryan Murray,Braydon Murray, Hank Cigolle, Katie Cigolle

Sunday 11:00am- Thomas Pesa, Isabella Bancroft, Jim Long, Bella Long

October 20th-21st

Saturday 4:00pm-Bob Easton, Ben Willcox, Anna Pogacnik, Adam Pogacnik

Sunday 8:30am Jim Fink, Nick Fink, Evan Hamady, Dave Marshall

Sunday 11:00am Hayden Lopez,Christopher Adaams-Olenik ,Fred, Jimmy, Annaleigh Behnke

October 27th-28th

Saturday 4:00pm-Bob Easton, Gary Gawdya, Suzie Gawdya, Luke Wack

Sunday 8:30am Hank Cigolle, Katie Cigolle, Jonathan Feigert

Sunday 11:00am David Dull II, David Dull III, Mike, Aj Cheney, Landon Kettering

This is very important! Fr. Mike wants me to have a meeting with all the Altar Servers. If there are children server’s parents please come with them. With that being said I thought October 2nd at 6:30pm in the Church basement would be good. I would like if all of you could please try to intend.  I have never called a meeting, and if it was not important I would not do so now. The meeting will not be long, but it is very important that you try to make it. If you cannot please let me know. Either by emailing back or calling me at 330-307-9449

Thank you and God Bless

Bill Bone