Altar Servers

April Altar Server Schedule

April 7th-8th

Saturday 4:00PM– Bob Easton, Nick Villano, Kirk Wells, Luke Wack

Sunday 8:30AM– Evan Hamady, Hank Cigole, Katie Cigole

Sunday 11:00AM– David Dull II, David Dull III, Mike Cheney, AJ.Cheney

April 14th-15th

Saturday 4:00PM– Bob Easton, Nick Villano, Anna Pogacnik, Adam Pogacnik,

Sunday 8:30AM– Ryan Murray, Brayden Murray, Claire Gagliard, Anthony

Sunday 11:00AM– Emma Garon, Thomas Pesa, Isabella Bancroft, Madisyn Fisher

April 21st-22nd

Saturday 4:00pm– Bob Easton, Paul Ambrosia, Nick Villano, Kirk Wells

Sunday 8:30am– Brady Meyers, Jim Fink, Nick Fink, Dominic Colella, Jonathan

Sunday 11:00– Aj, Tim, Sam, Nate Writz

April 28th-29th

Saturday 4:00pm– Bob Easton, Anna Pogacnik, Adam Pogacnik, Ben Wilcox

Sunday 8:30am– Ryan Murray, Brayden Murray, Hank Cigole, Katie Cigole

Sunday 11:00am Dave Marshall, Hayden Lopez, Christopher Adaams-Olenik, Fred
Behnke, Jimmy Behnke

First off, I would like to thank everyone for making this ministry a
success. As always, please arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled Mass.
Please email me back just to let me know you received this email. If you
have any questions or concerns please email me or call me at 330-307-9449.
Thank you!

God Bless, Bill Bone