Adult Faith Formation

Beginning on Tuesday, September 19 through October 24, St. Patrick Parish will host a variety of Catholic faith topics led by outstanding priests and sisters of the faith. Sessions will be from 7-9 pm and be held in the church. Below, are listed the dates, presenters and topics that will be presented.

  • 9/19/17  Fr. Michael Swierz  The Mass Explained: All parts of the Mass will be explained, from what the priest wears to why the church is set up the way it is.


  • 9/26/17  Sr. Darla Vogelsang, OSU  Sacraments of Healing: Penance and Anointing will be discussed and how these sacraments play a role in ministering to the sick and homebound.


  • 10/3/17  Sr. Ardaith Blake, HM  Marian Theology: From the Immaculate Conception to the Assumption and what the Church teaches about Mary will be discussed.


  • 10/10/17 Fr. John Jerek  Into to Theology: Introduction to basic theological teachings of the Catholic Church.


  • 10/17/17  Sr. Lisa Marie Beltz, OSU, PhD  Synoptic Gospels: What are the three Synoptic Gospels? Who is Q? Why are they arranged in the order they are in? …etc.


  • 10/24/17  Fr. Richare Pentello  The Eucharist: Source and Summit of our faith and what this means to us.