We, the people of St. Patrick Parish in Hubbard, Ohio, are a Roman Catholic community united by our faith in God and nourished through our celebration of the Eucharist and the Word. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we strive to meet the spiritual and physical needs of our parish family and the world community through our understanding of stewardship, evangelization, and service.

Family Faith Festival

Come and join us for our Family Faith Festival, Sunday,  April 30th – 9:45 - 10: 45 am in the St. Patrick Parish Center.  Everyone is welcome!  The theme for this event is "Growing Into Christ."

Altar & Rosary Bingo and Card Party

Sunday, April 30th – 1:00 pm—St. Patrick Church Hall,
Admission $6.00; Light lunch/refreshments, Door Prizes, Raffle Prizes, 50/50 Raffle.

St. Patrick's POT OF GOLD!

We will hold a monthly 50/50 drawing called "Pot of Gold!"
You will receive a special weekly envelope to participate in this drawing and participation is optional.
However, if you don't participate you will not be eligible to win.

The cost is $1 per week or $4 per month or $52 per year.
All Parish Member church envelopes have a number assigned to them.
A church envelope number will be drawn once a month.
If your church envelope number is drawn, you are a winner!
If a church envelope is drawn for someone who has NOT participated (not given $1 per week), they will not be eligible to win and the "Pot" will roll over and continue to grow until there is an eligible winner.